Certificates of STF - System Technologie GmbH Friedrichshafen

Many high quality products and processes require certifications by official bodies.

These certificates request special knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art equipment. STF recruits expert staff to meet highest quality requirements in execution of services and manufacturing.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (DEKRA)

Certification of implementation and application of a Quality Management System  manufacturing and testing systems for plant and mechanical engineering.

EN ISO 9001 defines the mimimum requirements for a manufacturer's Quality Management System (QMS)  to meet the legal and clients' requirements for provision of products and services.

Simultaneously the Quality Management System should be subject  to a continuous improvement process.

Certificate KTA 1401 (AREVA)

Certification of the Quality Management System based on KTA 1401 regulation (NPP) and necessary pre-conditions for design and production of compressed air systems, expansion tanks and connecting structures for nuclear facilities.

The Atomic Energy Act stipulates the legal requirements for nuclear safety, and in nuclear facilities. In the safety regulation KTA 1401 the Nuclear Commission defines the obligatory general requirements regarding quality assurance for all German nuclear power plants.

Certificate AD 2000-HP0 / DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (TUEV SUED)

Certification of welding preconditions as per Regulation AD 2000-HP0 for the manufacture of pressure equipment as per Pressure Equipment directive 97/23/EC with confirmation covering the following important conditions:

Equipment for production and testing, quality assurance as well as expert supervising and testing staff.

The chapter HP0 of the AD 2000 Regulation deals with the rules for design and manufacture as well as connected tests for pressure vessels and pressure vessel parts and their connection to not-pressure-bearing parts, e.g. by welding.

DIN EN ISO 3834-2 standard defines extensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

Certificate DIN EN 15085-2 Welding of Railway Vehicles and Vehicle Parts (TUEV SUED)

Certification that welding conditions for railway vehicles and vehicle parts are met.

DIN EN 15085 standard covers the welding of metallic materials for manufacture and repair of railway vehicles and vehicle parts, stipulating the certification and quality requirements for the producing and repairing welding company.

Certificate "Germanischer Lloyd" - Welding Certification

Certificate No. WF 0810109 HH Rev. 01 - Approval for Welding
in accordance with the Germanischer Lloyd Rules of Welding
(rules for Classification and Construction, II - Material and Welding Technology, Part 3 - Welding)

Certificate of Manufacturer's Qualification as per DIN 2303
Permit to manufacture and repair military products class Q1 with general requirement, by welding/hard-soldering/ thermal spaying, and to execute relevant work in parts class BK2 (EN ISO 4063) - see certificate