Defence & Safety

Submarine Exhaust Silencers

STF produces seawater chilled exhaust silencers for 8 -, 12 - and 16-cylinder engines for application in submarines.

Silencing is based on the resonance principle. To reduce the exhaust gas temperature the silencers have a seawater containing cooling shell.

The materials are seawater-resistant and a-magnetic. The silencers feature reactive zink anodes for additional corrosion protection.

An operating life of up to 24,000 hours is possible due to design, material selection, manufacturing experience, and the quality standards of STF.

The exhaust silencers are dynamically designed, manufactured, and tested according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG.

Lightweight Components for Mobile Applications

STF manufactures lightweight support structures to carry various supply units  such as power supply,  air conditioning and water treatment equipment, for mobile field hospitals, communication and control stations etc...

Considering the strains of international use these structures are light, shock- and vibration-proof, corrosion resistant, and air-transportable.

The components are designed to meet these requirements. Welding procedures with little distortion as well as high level of quality assurance measures are applied. The materials used range from high strength aluminium alloys to fine grained steels and seawater resistant stainless steels.

A-magnetic Base Frames

STF produces a-magnetic base frames for the mount of power engines in mine sweepers. 

The combination of the base materials, the filler material and the welding procedures ensure a low magnetizability and an ideal corrosion resistance.

During manufacturing the residual magnetism is continuously monitored by a STF testing device.

Suction Silencers

STF manufactures suction silencers, air filter boxes and air ducts for the processing of intake air of naval ships.

The surface and thickness of the silencer casettes is designed according to the silencing requirements. To avoid the resonance in the box, the box is also insulated.

The case parts are seawater-resistant stainless steel. Prior to finishing, the surfaces are pickled and passivated.

All exterior welds are sealed welded. Proof of shock- and vibration-resistance is provided as necessary.

Mains Switchgears with Lightning Potection and HF shielded

STF produces main switchboxes in different versions for monitoring of external networks, for data transmission and for the power supply of aerial masts, operator containers, satellite telecommunication units etc.

The connected devices are protected against damage by lightning by the incorporated lightning protection units within the mains input and output.

Earth leakage monitors, phase sequence monitors and fault current safety switches provide further protection.

The box is HF-shielded and incorporates high capacity HF filters as protection against high frequency. The boxes are designed and manufactured individually according to the specific requirements.

Shockproof Supply Modules

STF manufactures shockproof modules for pre-heating, fuel treatment, pre-lubrication and for cooling power engines of different categories of ships.

Design and construction accord with the shock spectra of each individual case.

The sheet metal and welding work, the piping and assembly as well as the electrical wiring are executed and tested at STF.

Supporting Components for Armored Vehicles

STF produces the mount for the engine of the newly developed amphibious tank AAAV (Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle) of the U.S. Navy.

Due to operation in mined areas and in seawater zones the components are made from a-magnetic and corrosion-proof material.

The component is a sheet metal weldment which is subsequently mechanically processed.

To improve the corrosion protection, the component is pickled and passivated after processing.