STF manufactures customer-tailored offshore components from materials such as titanium, stainless steels and other high grade alloys with the required procedures and certifications (see certificates).

Titanium Seawater Piping

STF manufactures seawater piping of pure titanium (grade 2) for the cooling of the emergency power supply on drilling rigs in the North Sea.

The process qualification as well as the technical equipment enables STF to weld this exceptional material.

The constant quality of welding joints is guaranteed by continuous covering of the welding area and permanent control of the welding atmosphere by a residual oxygen control device.

The strength test of the weld and of the heat influenced joints during production guarantees a maximum manufacturing accuracy.

The subsequent radiographic test (RT) by the STF material testing department documents the attained quality.

Seawater Cooling Modules

STF manufactures seawater cooling modules on base frames with seawater piping of pure titanium (grade 2) to cool emergency power supply units on drilling rigs.

The titanium plate heat exchangers are arranged on a circular frame as cooling system. The base frame features a reservoir to discharge substances hazardous to water (e.g. fuel).

The seawater side of the piping is made of titanium grade 2 while the cooling water circuit as well as the fuel circuit are made of austenitic materials (1.4404).

The surfaces of the piping are pickled and passivated and the steel components are manufactured in accordance with the respective naval specifications.

Exhaust Systems

For the emergency power system of offshore drilling rigs STF develops and produces exhaust systems meeting highest requirements of environmental resistance.

STF designs and manufactures customized space-saving solutions for these applications.

Material selection and surface treatment according to DIN EN ISO 12944-C5M consider the highly saline offshore operating conditions.  


Emergency Start-up Devices

Mainly container based aggregates are used for the emergency power supply of drilling rigs. STF delivers the start-air-units.

STF designs and manufactures customized space-saving solutions for these applications.

Starting air vessels and starting air aggregates are individually adjusted to the available space and to the starting air volume.

Material selection and surface treatment according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2 C5M consider the highly saline offshore operating conditions.