Digitization of radiographic films

Using GE's radiographic film scanner FS50B we space-saving digitize your films up to a width of 35cm without length limitation and with any desired resolution between 50μm and 500μm according to EN 14096-2, class DS.

The classification is inspected and approved by BAM, the German Federal Institute for material testing.

The FS50B is the first and only device on the market working on the full density range (D=0 to 4.70), resolution up to 12 bit (4096 grey levels) in a single operating cycle and with the necessary contrast sensitivity. GE's film digitizer FS50B is a high performance device delivering excellent quality at a high throughput.

We can incorporate to the DICOM file all your record data, such as used KeV, mA x min, type of used image quality indicator as well as parts or serial numbers.

The advantage is that all data are connected unalterably (tamper-proof) with the respective image and accessible by the supplied viewer. You will receive the digitized films either on CD, USB stick or on an external hard disc

This kind of digitization facilitates to quickly and easily send your X-ray films around the globe without expensive packaging and days or weeks of transport